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This year's film, Winter Starts Now, features a host of awesome locations and athletes!

Check them out below.

Featured Athlete(s):

Amy Taisey , Peter McDowell , Phil Taisey, Rob Lu

Maine: Sugarloaf


Humble, hardworking, and passionate, are the best ways to describe Mainers. Entrepreneurs from Amalgam Skis and Winterstick Snowboards take us on a tour of what sets Maine apart in both skiing and community. Check out the Amalgam ski shop with founders Phil and Amy Taisey, where they craft some of the most intricate ski technology you can find. Join Rob Lu and Peter McDowell as they create each Winterstick Snowboard by hand in their factory located at the base of a mountain. Follow these entrepreneurs as they show off their home mountain of Sugarloaf, where the community will always put this hidden gem on the map.

Featured Athlete(s):

Noah Elliott

Montana: Montucky Clear Cut


Snowboarding is more than kickers and park hangs. For Noah Elliott it’s become a healing part of his life. A Paralympic gold medalist, Noah shows us his life before and after his osteosarcoma diagnosis, and how skateboarding gave him the early edge of becoming a great snowboarder. Noah travels to Turner Mountain, Montana to ride in the Montucky Clear Cut event—where alpine carvers find themselves at home in this style of riding. Noah shows us that finding snowboarding gave him resilience and a new path to become a role model for others.

Idaho: Sun Valley


One of Warren's favorite places, the enchanting Sun Valley, Idaho embodies a nostalgia of returning to the mountains. Meet female powerhouse Hannah Baybutt, as she navigates the in’s and out’s of what it’s really like to be a big mountain ski patroller. Try and catch former racers Jimmi Ryan, Madison Rose Ostergren, and Kaylin Richardson as they cut deep into groomers like they’re still racing to win. With a combination of great conditions and sharp edges, these skiers are ready to spread their wings and push the speed limits of winter.

Featured Athlete(s):

Jayna Davis, The Rivers Family

Colorado: Aspen Snowmass


Back in 1973, a historic gathering took place in Aspen, Colorado when the first “Black Summit” took place, bringing together 13 black ski clubs from around the country, with the mission of supporting and expressing representation of African Americans on the ski slopes. From that gathering emerged the ‘National Brotherhood of Skiers’ which to this day continues to represent black skiers. The NBS returned to Aspen in 2021, along with Team NBS athletes Jayna Davis and triplets Helaina, Henniyah, and Henri Rivers. These young racers take on the slopes of Snowmass, rediscovering the tracks laid by their predecessors and embodying the vision of that first generation of NBS skiers in a new era.

Featured Athlete(s):

Marcus Caston

Town Hills: Howelson Hill, CO & Snow King, WY


You know him and you love him. Former racer, now freeskiing king Marcus Caston takes us on a roadtrip to a few mom & pop ski areas. From Howelsen Hill in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to Snow King in Jackson, Wyoming, Marcus shows us what his old racing chops look like. He meets locals who love where they live, and have made these town hills their go to resorts. Watching Marcus shred these small town hills will make you rethink your next trip to a big resort.

Utah: Solitude


At Solitude Mountain Resort in Utah, what looks like a sleeper resort filled with groomers is so much more. Take the backroads of skiing at Solitude to Fantasy Ridge, Silver Fork Ridge, and Evergreen to discover some of the best big steeps the mountain terrain has to offer. Local skiers Grete Eliassen, Patrick Spence, Harrison Holley, and snowboarder Shannan Yates show us their backyard of spines they play on everyday. JT Holmes gives us a crash course in what speed riding looks like in bounds

Featured Athlete(s):

Amie Engerbretson, Jonny Mosely

California: Palisades Tahoe


Trails will transform, chair lifts will be replaced, and the names of ski areas will sometimes change, too. But the spirit of the mountains will always remain the same. Just ask the locals at Palisades Tahoe, formerly called Squaw Valley. Old timers like Cheryl Varner, Chris Delumyea, and Doug Rotz found their way here years ago and stayed for the skiing. Olympians like Jonny Moseley and Marco Sullivan continue living the dream here as they pass their passion along to the next generation. And locals like Amie Engerbretson and Karsten Hart grew up here, raised by the mountain. As time is certain to evolve, things like names may change along the way. But if one thing is constant, it is the heart of a place as special as this one.

Featured Athlete(s):

Connery Lundin, Marcus Caston

Alaska: Boat and Heli Trip


Boat Trip

Big mountain skiers Marcus Caston and Connery Lundin take a voyage aboard The Babkin - a fishing boat hailing from Anchorage, looking for adventure like they’ve never experienced before. Disconnected from the world at large, they navigate the waters up the coast of Alaska, disembarking along the coast to lay down skin tracks through the Hemlock forests that rise above the water's edge, following the snow to swaths of endless terrain above tree line, where they find big lines, pillow drops, spines, and everything in between.

Heli Trip

From sea to sky, Marcus and Connery trade in boat life for a Majestic Heli tour of the Chugach and Talkeetna Mountains. From atop of some of the biggest lines in North America, Marcus and Connery unlock access to endless bucketlist terrain packed with high alpine lines, open bowls, and low angle powder

Featured Athlete(s):

Pete McAfee, Vasu Sojitra



Vasu Sojitra and Pete McAfee made history in June 2021, completing the first (known) disabled ski descent of Denali. Both amputees, the two mountaineers teamed up with a six man team to tackle the highest peak in North America. The expedition was riddled with challenges, including a thin snowpack and difficult weather, but ultimately during a short window of calm conditions, the team pushed through to summit the 20,310 foot peak, overcoming countless barriers to make history. Their story is one of grit and determination, showcasing what inclusivity and representation of Disabled people can look like in even the most extreme outdoor places

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