Segment Teaser - Iceland


Featured Athletes: Baker Boyd, Victor Major

Homegrown Colorado locals Victor Major and Baker Boyd never expected they’d find themselves on a heli ski trip to an island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. Prepared for anything, and equipped with skis, surf boards, and a healthy sense of adventure, Victor and Baker gear up for the trip of a lifetime.

WME returns to Iceland for the third time to film with Arctic Heli Skiing for its 71st annual film, “Future Retro.” This time, the dynamic duo of Baker Boyd and Victor Major showcase a different side to skiing on the Troll Peninsula. “There have been two other Warren Miller segments with us, in both cases they were less aggressive in terms of skiing but did a really great job of showing off Iceland’s beauty and culture,” Bergmann explains. “Now audiences are going to see a different side of Iceland with the boys charging big time.” 


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