Athlete Highlight - Amie Engerbretson


Featured Athletes: Amie Engerbretson,

It's been 10 years since Amie Engerbretson first became a professional skier, and 5 years since her first appearance in a Warren Miller film. Now, she is returning to the place it all started: Switzerland.

Amie is a professional skier, producer and host. The seed of passion for skiing and adventure was planted on the slopes of Squaw Valley and has grown into a lifestyle and career of creating content to share those passions with the world. Amie spent her first day on snow at 10 months old and has been skiing for the camera (and for fun!) ever since. Following in the footsteps of her former pro skier father, Jeff Engerbretson, Amie developed a unique set of skills and deep knowledge of the mountains.

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